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Elevate System

$ 1,995

Elevate is a removable, lightweight, and powerful ebike motor that cleverly mounts to your bike's disc brakes. The ebike system includes: motor, battery, mounting hardware, and throttle for a total price of $1995. This is a Class 2 ebike system limited to 20mph with a throttle. We are developing pedal assist to offer Class 1 compliance. Please check local and state regulations and ride safely!

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Elevate is a removable, lightweight, and powerful ebike motor that cleverly mounts to your bike's disc brakes. The ebike system includes: motor, battery, mounting hardware, and throttle for a total price of $1995. This is a Class 2 ebike system limited to 20mph with a throttle. We are developing pedal assist to offer Class 1 compliance. Please check local and state regulations and ride safely!

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We are building batches of 50 units at a time, delivering within 12 week windows. Currently only delivering to North America.


Elevate fits most common mountain bike models such as: Specialized Stumpjumper, Cannondale Jekyll, Trek Fuel, Santa Cruz Tallboy, Yeti SB160, Giant Trance, Canyon Torque, and many more.

Scroll down a section on this page to check the compatibility diagram.


Direct Drive - Save your drive train
Removable - An ebike and a pedal bike in one
Ultra Light - Don't get weighed down
High Torque - Go further, faster
Modular - Move from bike to bike

Quick and Easy to Remove

Add Elevate and shuttle to the trailhead, get to work without sweating, or keep up with your friends on ebikes.

Remove Elevate for a harder workout, ebike-restricted trials, gnarly descents, or to pass from bike to bike.

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It's removable - It clicks on and off in seconds

Bike-to-Bike Sharing

For those who have multiple bikes and can’t decide which one to go electric with, get a second mount kit for $450 and to easily move the drive unit and battery pack from bike-to-bike.

Share it with friends and family members. Share it between a commuter bike and a mountain bike.

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move it from bike to bike

Powerful and Compact

Similar size to an iPhone. Feel like you’re defying physics as you Elevate up trails.

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50 Nm
of torque
3.3 lbs/1.5kg
for the drive unit
3.3 lbs/1,5kg
for the battery
750 Watts
of power at the wheel
Light yet mighty

Light yet mighty

Direct Drive for Better Shifting

We put torque through the disc brake and give your shifting system a rest. Mid-drive ebikes rapidly wear out chains and cassettes - Elevate reduces loading on these components by adding power directly to the rear wheel.

As an added bonus, reducing drivetrain load helps you shift more smoothly on climbs!

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High torque

high torque

WHAT’s Included

Bimotal Elevate is a bike electrification system. The kit includes the drive unit, battery, mounting hardware, and throttle and harness. You supply your favorite disc-brake bike.

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Drive unit
750W and 50Nm
battery pack
300Wh capacity
and mounting bracket
and wire harness
Drive unit
Drive unit
750W and 50Nm
battery pack
300Wh capacity
and mounting bracket
and wire harness
Customer bike

We've installed numerous bikes with great success, ensuring seamless service for our customers

Customer bike

We've installed numerous bikes with great success, ensuring seamless service for our customers

Customer bike

We've installed numerous bikes with great success, ensuring seamless service for our customers

Customer bike

We've installed numerous bikes with great success, ensuring seamless service for our customers

Customer bike

We've installed numerous bikes with great success, ensuring seamless service for our customers


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Does your bike have 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes?

Is the disc brake located above the rear frame triangle? This is called an external post-mount hydraulic disc brakes.

Our system will take your stock brake size and increase it by ~20mm.

External post mount
External post mount
ISO mount
Iso mount
NOT YET Compatible
Internal post mount
Internal post mount
Flat mount
Flat mount
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Customer bike

elevate ebike system - the bacics

The Specs

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Class 2 Ebike Specifications:
Drive unit
  • Top Speed
  • 20 mph

  • Continuous Torque
  • 50 NM

  • Burst Torque
  • Up to 100 NM

  • Power at the Wheel
  • 750 watts

  • Battery Capacity
  • 300 Watt hours

  • Battery Weight
  • 1.55 kg (3.4 lbs)

  • Drive Unit Weight:
  • 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs)
Typical Range per Charge
  • Climbing Capacity
  • 1600 to 3500 feet

  • Typical Range
  • 10 to 15 miles

  • Trail Riding Duration
  • 1 to 1.5 hours

  • Typical Charge Time
  • 1.5 hours
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Reliability and service

We prioritize reliability and exceptional service to ensure our customers have a seamless and satisfying experience with our products.

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across use cases
RiG Testing
simulating tough scenarious
removable system
easily shipped to bimotal
Dog with glasses

extensive reliability testing performed


We’ve ridden Elevate down stairs repeatedly, and on some of the harshest terrain. We’ve iterated our quick connects and mounting system numerous times to arrive at a solution that holds up for intense riding.

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Long climbs
mileage accumulation
Stair smashing
testing mount system
on/off cycles
repeated install / removal
heavy users
200+ lb (100 kg) riders

Ride tested


We come from an automotive background in power electronics and have extensive experience in reliability testing. Mountain bikes are a challenging application but we’re up to the task and constantly growing our testing capabilities.

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peak torque
acceletared life testing
Pulsed torque
simulated start stop
characterization and cycling
ingress protection

Rig tested


Have a problem? Remove the drive unit or battery, ship it to us, and we’ll get it sorted. Your bike is still fully rideable, and if units are available we’ll send you a replacement as we repair your original unit!

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fast removing
5 seconds or less
Pulsed torque
small and light
keep riding
your analogue bike
for rapid replacement
Drive unit

Easily Removable for service

A technology product at its core


Purchasing / Availability
Product Specifications
User Experience
Battery Safety
Common Issues
Product Care
Product Use
Troubleshooting and Service

What does it cost? How can I buy it?

The complete system costs $1995. You can reserve a unit with a preorder deposit here:

Can I buy an additional mount system so I can move it between multiple bikes?

A second mount system costs $450. This allows you to move Elevate bike to bike and share it with friends and family!

What about additional batteries?

A second battery costs $325. We recommend this for longer rides beyond 1.5 hours.

How long will I have to wait if I place an order now?

About 6 months if you are in the US. We are working to fulfill hundreds of pre-orders by summer 2024.

I ordered a while ago and still haven't received my order - what gives?

We've been bootstrapping our company by doing engineering development work for other projects. We've just recently (since January of 2024) been able to focus on Elevate full time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We will be setting up international installers towards the end of 2024.

What is the battery range?

Battery range depends on usage conditions. Typical range per charge is 1-1.5 hrs of ride time, 8-12 mi (13-19km) of distance, and 2200-2500 ft (670-760m) of elevation. The pack is small and modular: grab a second one for longer rides!

What is the speed, power, and torque?

Elevate is limited to 20mph to meet class 2 ebike regulations in the USA. Elevate delivers 750 Watts of mechanical power and 60 Nm of torque to the wheel.

Does it have regen? Is there any drag when the motor is off?

Elevate does not currently have regen. We have tested this feature, and it creates unwanted drag. Elevate has a freewheel clutch that is silent and completely drag free.

Does it have pedal assist? What ebike class is it?

Elevate does not yet have pedal assist. Currently it is a class 2 ebike system limited to 20mph. We will be working on pedal assist (PAS) after we finish production ramp and reliability testing.

How much does it weigh?

The battery and motor weigh just over 3 lbs each (1.5kg). The whole system installed is approximately 8 lbs total (3.75kg)

What brake rotor size(s) / thickness do you offer?

We currently offer rotors in 180 or 203mm diameters. Minimum rotor size needs to be one size larger than the frame's minimum. We will launch 223mm and 160mm rotors soon. Our rotors are 2 mm thick and designed to be robust.

Is my bike compatible?

Your bike frame is compatible if it has: disc brake mounts with clearance for the Elevate Drive Unit, a hub with 6-bolt or centerlock pattern (with 6-bolt adapter), space for the battery inside the front triangle, and a 4-piston hydraulic caliper.

Can it go on the front wheel?

Yes, but you need to be aware of torque steer. We recommend driving the rear wheel whenever possible.

Can Elevate be used on a Tandem?

Yes. Note that Elevate was designed to be super compact and lightweight for single users. The continuous torque will reduce the load but you will still need to contribute pedal torque on steep climbs. Dual motor setups are possible.

What disc brake interface does the Rotor-Gear use?

The Elevate Rotor-Gear has an ISO 6-bolt interface. It can also be used with Centerlock hubs in combination with a Centerlock adapter.

Does it work on road or commuter bikes?

Yes - if they have disc brakes. Many commuter bikes now have internal disc brakes that don't allow Elevate to clear the frame. We're quickly working on an adapter for these situations.

I have some custom application for Elevate - will it work?

Check out our installation guide on the service page. We're unable to provide detailed support on individual projects, but we will share as much documentation as we can for DIY folks.

Does adding Elevate to my bike change its handling? Do I have to remove it to go downhill?

Elevate adds some weight to your bike. You may notice this weight when lifting the bike but most riders do not notice it while riding. If you notice, the quick connect system lets you remove the drive unit and stow it in your pack for the descent.

How far out does the Elevate motor extend from the rotor? Could it compromise your ability to navigate technical terrain when mountain biking?

The motor sticks out 20-30mm from your brake calipers, which is significantly less distance than your pedals so it is unlikely to get hit. If you're doing a very technical narrow trail, remove Elevate and stow it in your hip or backpack.

How does the Elevate compare with the new, lighter ebikes?

Elevate lets you build one of the lightest ebikes on the market and can be removed quickly so you have two bikes in one. Elevate offers similar torque to the lightweight ebikes on the market (Specialized SL & TQ) and twice the power.

How does using a throttle interact with my pedaling?

Motor output and human pedaling both add torque to the rear wheel. For best performance, pedal with the system like you would on a normal ride and go faster. With Elevate you can pedal with and without the throttle, or just use the throttle.

How does the torque and power compare to other ebike systems?

Torque is similar to lightweight ebikes and power is comparable to high power ebikes (750W). On super steep hills (20%+ grade), full-power ebikes have more torque and pull ahead. On flat to moderate hills, Elevate wins.

Can Elevate climb steep hills?

Elevate provides assist on all grades, but requires the user to push on the pedals for steeper climbs and is recommended at all times for range. Elevate can push a 100kg combined bike and rider weight up a 15% grade without pedaling.

What happens if I drop my battery?

Inspect the battery for damage. If you see dents or cuts through the exterior coating, do not use the battery and contact us for repair or replacement options.

My battery or battery wires are damaged

Do not use the battery and contact us for repair or replacement options.

Can I leave my battery on the charger overnight?

Yes, our chargers will shut off when the battery has been charged. We recommend disconnecting the battery from the charger if you plan to not use the battery for an extended period of time.

Why did I hear a pop when connecting the battery to the tray?

If you plug the battery in with the power switch on, you may notice a small popping sound from the initial inrush current. If you see any sparks, contact us to troubleshoot.

Is it ok to leave batteries in my car in the summer?


Will direct sunlight harm by battery?

No, but we recommend keeping it out of sunlight when storing for longer time periods

Should my Drive Unit be hot at the top of a hill?

Yes - the Elevate motor gets hot when running under high torque. If you want to remove the drive unit at the top of a climb, we recommend wearing gloves.

Why won't my Quick Connect Levers won't close?

Make sure your Drive Unit is fully seated by pressing down and wiggling it. Rotate your wheel to align the gear mesh if needed. There should be no gap between Drive Unit faces and Mounting Bracket.

Why does Elevate sound different when rolling my bike backwards vs forwards?

Elevate has a clutch that allows the bike to coast smoothly without any resistance in the forward direction. When rolling backwards, the clutch is engaged and back drives the gearbox and motor, creating the sound you are hearing.

Why is my bike is making an unexpected noise?

Remove the Elevate unit and see if the noise is still present. If yes, work with a bicycle mechanic to locate the source of the noise. If the noise disappears when Elevate is removed, please reach out to Bimotal service with details.

Can I wash my bike with Elevate on?

It is ok to wash Elevate with a hose but we do not recommend pressure washing.

Can I attach my Drive Unit to bike if the power switch is on?

Yes - we have anti-spark protection built into the electronics to allow you to safely attach your Drive Unit regardless of which position the power switch is in.

How do I check how much battery is remaining?

The mini cubes initially shipping with Elevate do not have a battery status readout. After 3 or 4 rides you will become familiar with the battery's capacity. You can monitor your distance/elevation to get an idea of how much range is remaining.

How do I know when my battery is charged?

The LED light on the charger will be red when charging and switch to green when it is full.

What wall outlet voltage does the battery charger work with?

110 or 220V

How long will the plastic output gear last?

There will be some variation based on riding conditions much like brake pads, but we expect the output gear to last about 1000 miles.

How long with the Rotor-Gear last?

There will be some variation based on riding conditions, but we expect the Rotor-Gear to last about 3000 miles.

Can I install the throttle on the other side of my handlebar?

Yes - the throttle can be mounted on either side of the handlebar. It can also be positioned so you push down with your thumb or lift up with your first thumb joint depending on what other controls are on your handlebar.

How do I get my Elevate unit serviced?

Please fill out our service request form and we'll take care of your Elevate system:

How often does my Elevate system need service?

Elevate is meant to be a low maintenance system. The only routine service is replacement of the plastic output gear, which will vary by amount of use and riding conditions. Expect to replace on the same interval as your disc brake pads.

My system won't turn on

1) Check that your battery is plugged in to the battery tray. 2) Check that the power switch on the battery is in the on position and the LED light on the switch is illluminated. 3) Verify that your battery is charged by plugging it into the charger.

My system still won't turn on

4) Check for debris on the electrical connector on the Mounting Bracket. 5) Check to make sure the throttle is connected to the wiring harness. 6) Switch power switch off and on. If issues persist, fill out the service form on our service page.

What is the warranty period for Elevate?

Drive Unit, Throttle, Battery Mount, Wiring Harness: 3-yr/6000 mi; Battery Pack, Charger 1-yr/500 cycles; Gear-Rotor 1-yr/3000 miles; Drive Gear 6-mo/1000 miles.

Will Elevate impact/damage my frame?

Elevate puts no more than half the loads created under hard braking into the frame. We recommend removing Elevate for very rough downhill sections, but have not seen problems with the loads we are applying to well made bike frames.

Will Elevate impact the durability / reliability / life / lifespan of my wheel?

A properly built MTB wheel (sturdy rim, 28 or more spokes, 1200N spoke tension, balanced spoke tension) should see minimal impact from Elevate use.

What do I do if my wiring harness gets damaged?

Do not use the system and contact us for repair or replacement options.

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