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Shape Bimotal's future. Invest on Wefunder and be a part of our story.
Shape Bimotal's future. Invest on Wefunder and be a part of our story.


Our vision is to transform the health of humans and the planet. We are achieving this vision through our mission: reducing barriers to car-free mobility.

Specifically, we are building lighter, more efficient, flexible, and modular electrification solutions that make micromobility platforms more fun and functional!

​​We are a passionate team solving hard problems while making an impact. Improving the lives of others motivates the heck out of us to dive into deep work, operate in a flow state of mind, challenge existing solutions, and experience genuine joy and pride in what we do.



Former Tesla, Formula 1, and Aerospace engineers team up with bike industry veterans to revolutionize ebike propulsion systems. Over half of our team has formerly started a company or been involved with a tech company startup.

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Toby Ricco grew up inventing and entrepreneuring. He started his first business at age ten, and built his first EV at age 12. After building over a dozen electric vehicles in high school, he started his career as an engineering intern at Tesla at age 17. He completed his BS and MS in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley, and joined Tesla’s power electronics team where he quickly became a lead and architected, designed, and ramped production of electronics in the Powerpack, Powerwall, Model S, X, and 3. Toby's visionary perspective has led to his development of highly creative and functionally dense designs in the power electronics and powertrain fields. He holds patents ranging from novel inductor manufacturing methods to drive unit layout and novel gear topologies.

Toby Ricco
Founder, CEO

Matt Rounds led the Formula SAE student team building both internal combustion and electric race cars while studying computer engineering at Cal Poly. He went on to develop embedded software for an aerospace startup building quadrotors with extreme flight time and payload capacity, progressing to lead both the custom battery management system firmware development team and integration of the flight controller and OTA update system. Matt directly applies his experience with ultra-robust automotive and aerospace systems, while building the software ecosystem for Bimotal's electric powertrains.

Matt Rounds
Associate Director of Engineering

Ryan Sellers brings a decade of reliability and mechanical engineering experience from the medical device and consumer electronics fields, having most recently led iPhone display design at Apple. He's passionate about improving lives with robust, elegant mechanical designs, and applies his experience in high-volume manufacturing to ensuring that Bimotal's products always exceed customer expectations. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University, where he led the school's Formula SAE team and designed and manufactured powertrain systems.

Ryan Sellers
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

Neil Flock started his own bike business generating millions in revenue servicing and distributing internally-geared hubs. Neil understands bikes, how to wrench on them, service them, and design them at an unrivaled level. He is a CAD wizard with a mechanical engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines and dreams of efficient gearboxes and belt drives.

Neil Flock
Sr. Mechanical and Operations Engineer

Chad Furey, or “motor Chad”, is the best of the best. He led much of the magnetics design and optimization for the Tesla Model 3 motor design and had his hand in Model S, Roadster, and Semi. Chad has developed electric motors for aerospace and the Ferrari F1 team, and is now the brains behind Bimotal’s world-class micro electric powertrains.

Chad Furey
Motor Designer

Andres Pastor has his master’s in industrial engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid, along with a masters in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a Matlab and analysis magician: from understanding and identifying vibration modes, pedal response lag times, to efficiency and thermals, Andres can turn any phenomenon into a concrete mathematical model. He designed gearboxes and bearing systems for reliability during his master’s work and now brings that expertise to Bimotal.

Andrés Pastor Mallagray
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Charissa McManis has a background in financial services and real estate, specifically, the proptech space where she was a key contributor to early stage and venture-funded startups. She is an operations whiz and enjoys using creativity to solve business problems. Charissa has a business degree from San Francisco State and is a licensed realtor. She lives with her partner, son and Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Walnut Creek.

Charissa McManis
Bus Dev and Operations Project Manager

Swadhin Gite was head of hardware engineering and production at Stenon GmbH. Previously, he developed thermal cameras for the German Armed Forces and Deutsche Bahn. Swadhin can design and lay out any circuit board, efficiently debug controls issues, and bring electronics from concept to high-volume production.

Swadhin Gite
Staff Electrical Engineer

Brooks Barrett is a senior mechanical engineer with 5 years of industry experience designing custom power electronics for Tesla. With dozens of parts in production across several products, he’s amassed a wealth of knowledge about modern, high-volume manufacturing technologies and the design considerations necessary to get parts rolling off the line smoothly. Well-versed in specialty materials for electronics, and thermal management of electrical components, Brooks is helping Bimotal engineer ultra-dense and powerful battery systems.


Brooks Barrett
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Bala Elango is an embedded software engineering intern getting his master's degree in embedded systems engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Bala has gained extensive software experience over the past few years in the medical electronics and alarm system industries, as well as various side projects. Bala also enjoys playing soccer and supports Real Madrid.

Bala Elango
Embedded Software Engineer

Nat Thakar is an engineering technician at Bimotal with experience working at bike shops, including Mike's Bikes, in both sales and tech. She rediscovered her childhood love of bikes while studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She is an avid rider of everything from steep enduro trails to fixed gear criteriums and daily urban commuting.


Nat Thakar
Engineering Technician

Jack O'Neal races mountain bikes on his high school cycling team. He does photography for his school's football team and as a hobby. Jack loves the technical aspects of taking high quality photos and videos and is a passionate future engineer!

Jack O'Neal
Social Media Intern


Kyle Doerksen studied at Stanford, was a founding member of Faraday bikes, and then went on to be the inventer, founder, and CEO of OneWheel (FutureMotion). Kyle is shaping the micromobility industry one invention and one company after another.

Kyle Doerksen
Micromobility, company building

Kwai Kong is an accomplished leader in several industries including sporting goods and automotive. Kwai serves as president and CEO for a few corporations and his recent employment includes world class brands such as Specialized Bicycle Components, Giro Sport Design, and Bell Helmets. Kwai also holds 30 patents, some of which he turned into companies.

Kwai Kong
Strategic Deals

Aaron Kerson has extensive experience building world class customer service organizations and bike products. He brings his experience from Amazon, Specialized, and the company he founded, PNW bike components, to guide Bimotal's products and service standards.

Aaron Kerson
Bike industry expert

Nancy Bush served as CFO at Kranz & Associates. She has been an executive at numerous Silicon Vallery technology companies: Anomali, Adaptive Insights, Fortinet, ArcSight, and SGI.

Nancy Bush

Lauren Duensing has extensive bike industry experience. As a VP at NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association), she was a key executive leader driving the growth of mountain bike leagues from three states and 1,000 members to 31 states and 30,000 members.

Lauren Duensing
Strategic Relations

Tony Ricco is Chief Technologist at Nasa for small payloads & instruments. At Stanford he serves as the director of the National Center for Space Biological Technologies. He's written and holds over 20 patents to his name.

Antonio Ricco
Technology and IP