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The Big Picture - Climate and the Mission

The Big Picture - Climate and the Mission

How are high-end powertrains, currently positioned for premium mountain bike applications, tied to a mission of decarbonization?

Believe it or not, Elevate—our first product, an add-on ebike motor that drives through a bike’s disc brake—plays a significant role in decarbonization. While positioned as a high-end motor system for recreational mountain biking, it extends the lifespan of carbon and aluminum bike frames, offsetting a substantial amount of CO2 emissions from manufacturing. That’s a win for sustainability. We did a full CO2 analysis of the potential impact of Elevate and Bimotal as a company.

The next step for Elevate is to introduce a second-generation model tailored to the commuter market, priced under $1000. This version will feature key specs and functionalities aimed at enhancing commuter utility. Its quick-connect system allows for easy removal, offering better and more cost-effective serviceability for drive units and parts prone to reliability issues. Additionally, this modularity aids in theft prevention by enabling users to remove the lightweight motor and battery when leaving their bike unattended. Furthermore, the architecture supports the deployment of new motor and battery technologies on existing bikes and fleets, reducing both costs and the carbon footprint of new frame production. We’re currently in discussions with several police and ranger departments about this.

Now, let’s talk about Accelerate—a premium mid-drive powertrain. What makes Accelerate more than just a motor for high-end eMTBs? It boasts nearly double the drive unit torque density per volume and weight, delivering more power in a smaller, lighter package. This is ideal for performance e-mountain bikes and the rapidly growing cargo bike market, where high torque enhances utility and enjoyment. Why is Tesla so successful? Their cars are sporty, and the power and acceleration are addictive. Fun drives adoption. By enabling higher torque cargo bikes that bring smiles to people’s faces, we’re doing the right thing. Fun equals adoption.

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