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Meetings in the Field

Meetings in the Field

This was a great moment for us. You know how it is, when you’ve worked with somebody on a project and it’s been a positive collaboration, and then by chance you encounter that person out in the field when you’re both at the same event but coming at it from different angles? There’s that shared history of working together, and now you’re meeting again and you’re both still pulling in the same direction. So this was all that, and a little more.

We recruited Caleb from the Northern California chapter of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. He was one of our first two high school interns helping us get ready for Sea Otter Play in 2020. 

Caleb’s energy and enthusiasm made him fun to work with last summer. He was excited to test ride a prototype of the Elevate, and his final project for us was a video testimony of his experience.

The Sea Otter Play event went well for us, and soon after Caleb’s internship came to an end, while we pushed on with getting the Elevate removable drive system ready for market.

The end of spring brought with it a relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, and the NorCal League put together an interscholastic mountain bike race for May 15-16. Bimotal was excited to be an event sponsor, hosting product demonstrations and rides for parents and coaches.

Mid-Saturday afternoon, who should roll up to our booth? It was Caleb! He’d seen our post on Instagram and wanted to come say Hi, catch up with us, and get the latest Elevate news.

On Sunday the Bimotal team got to cheer him across the finish line in his race. 

Caleb is a senior this year and graduated in June, so this was his last high school cycling event. It felt special for us to be part of that, kind of like the closing of a circle. All of us at Bimotal wish Caleb the very best for his future endeavors. 

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